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Changing My care schedule

It is common that a family's care needs change overtime.  For example, a child may start in a full time position, and the family request a change to part-time while on maternity leave with a second child.  Changes in employment can also impact the need for adjustments in child care arrangements.  Since not all full-time programs have part-time options, and changes will only be accommodated in the program to which the child is currently enrolled, any families that feel a change may be necessary in the future should discuss this option at the time of offer.  A Request for Change form should be completed as soon as the family anticipates the need for a change in care and returned to the child care office. When the desired position comes available the parent will be contacted and can either accept or decline the change at that time.  As with all child care offers, a offer to change attendance can only be made when the desired position comes available.  A family may wait several weeks or months to change their enrollment.  Any families contemplating a change should speak with the Child Care Office to discuss the possibilities and timelines for their particular situation.  Changes in enrollment can also be made when children move from one program to another due to age; for example a child enrolled part-time in toddler care can request full time when moving to 3-5 year old care. 


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